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The Long Now Foundation and its Long News initiative are partnering with NewsTrust to find “long news,” great journalism that will still matter decades from now.

Join our Energy News Hunt from June 7 to 20, 02010. For two weeks, we will all look for good journalism about the future of energy — with a particular focus on scaleable low carbon technologies and innovative solutions that can power the whole planet.

On June 16th, 02010, The Long Now Foundation is hosting a talk by Ed Moses of the National Ignition Facility. If you live in the Bay Area, this is a great opportunity to learn about his groundbreaking work on fusion energy.

Please help review some of the stories below (or post your own recommendations). If you’re not a NewsTrust member yet, please sign up on our special welcome page for Long Now members.

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Climate Change Recalculated

Engineer Griffith said he was going to make the connection between personal actions and global climate change. To do that he’s been analyzing his own life in extreme detail to figure out exactly how much energy he uses and what changes might ...
Posted by Fabrice Florin

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