Put a NewsTrust button on your site and get quality feedback from your readers!

NewsTrust buttons are simple graphics you can add to your own blog, web page or site. Our buttons let your readers post and review stories to NewsTrust from any page on your site. Also check our cool badges and logos, which are a great way to let your readers know about NewsTrust.

We offer a variety of buttons, which are all very easy to install. NewsTrust Buttons are a great way to build trust with your readers and promote your site to the NewsTrust community.

To add this button to your site copy the following code and paste it on your site wherever you want the button displayed:

This simple script above displays our standard "NT" square 16x16 graphic, which is commonly used for these purposes. To display a different graphic, see Choose Your Graphic below.

When the user clicks on the graphic, this script opens a separate NewsTrust pop-up window, which insures that people stay on your site when submitting or reviewing their stories. In the window is our posting or review form — if your story URL has not yet been posted to NewsTrust, we open our "Post a Story" form. If your story URL has already been posted to NewsTrust, we take you directly to our "Review this Story" form.

Choose Your Graphic

You can pick the button graphic that's best for your site. To choose a different button:

1. Click on the button you want to use:

2. Copy and paste the code below onto your site:

This code will use the button you've selected.

Click here to Download our Graphics.
(This 152K Zip file contains all our buttons, badge and logo graphics in GIF format)

For further customization and to pass additional parameters, see our page on Advanced Scripts.

Note: If you have a very high volume site, please for a custom script.

Please if you have any questions about NewsTrust buttons, badges or bookmarklets.

Thanks for your support of NewsTrust!

The NewsTrust Team