Put a NewsTrust badge on your site and help spread the word about NewsTrust!

NewsTrust badges are a great way to show your support for our nonprofit social news service, by providing a link to our site. Note that if you write or publish works of journalism on your site, be sure to check our review buttons, to get quality feedback from our reviewers.

We offer a variety of badges, which are really easy to install. Here's how:

To add this badge to your site, copy this simple code in any of your site pages:

This code above displays our standard NewsTrust 88x31 badge. When the user clicks on that graphic, they will open the NewsTrust site in a new window.

To display a different graphic, pick one of the other options below, following these easy steps:

1. Click on the badge or logo you want to use:



2. Copy and paste the code below onto your site:

This code will use the badge you've selected.

Click here to Download our Graphics.
(This 152K Zip file contains all our buttons, badge and logo graphics in GIF format)

Note: If you have a very high volume site, please for a custom script.

Please if you have any questions about NewsTrust buttons, badges or bookmarklets.

Thanks for your support of NewsTrust!

The NewsTrust Team