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NewsTrust.net offers a wide range of tools to help you find and share good journalism. Read more about our tools below — and give them a try.

Review & Posting Tools

Review a Story: Help rate the news

Help rate the news. Our web review form lets you quickly review stories on NewsTrust, based on quality, not just popularity. We rate news and opinions based on evidence, fairness, sourcing, context and other core principles of journalism. More »

Bookmarklet: A faster way to post stories

Our bookmarklet is a link you can add to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. It makes it very easy to post and review a story on NewsTrust, from any web page. Wherever you are on the web, click our bookmarklet on your browser's toolbar to bring up our "Post a Story" form, with the story's title and URL already filled in. More »

Post a Story: Add new stories to NewsTrust

Partner Services

NewsTrust.net offers a range of licensing, consulting and development services to its partners, which include content providers like Slate and Doonesbury.com, as well as nonprofit organizations like the Sunlight Foundation. There are many ways in which we can add value to your site, strengthen your relationship with your community, or provide custom services to support your needs. More »

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News Feeds

Email Feeds: Get our daily and weekly newsletters

NewsTrust offers daily and weekly email news feeds, which are free to all registered members. Our email feeds are available in HTML or plain text format, and are sent out every day at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern). They feature updated selections of news and opinions from our most trusted sources, including: Top Stories, This Week's TopRated, and Stories for Review. More »

RSS Feeds: Subscribe to our hourly feeds

NewsTrust offers hundreds of RSS feeds (RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication": it's an XML-based format for distributing and gathering content from many sources across the Web). Our RSS feeds are updated hourly and can be read using any RSS reader. They feature our selections of news and opinions for hundreds of topics (look for the orange icons throughout our site). More »

iGoogle Gadget: Get our feeds on your own iGoogle page

Add NewsTrust to your Google home page! It's a great way to get our feeds of top-rated news and opinions on iGoogle. You can customize your NewsTrust gadget to view stories by topic, pick the number of stories: and show more info like authors, quotes and star ratings. More »

Tools for your Site

Widgets: Put NewsTrust on your site

Add NewsTrust to your site! We offer hundreds of web widgets, featuring quality news and opinions on important topics like World, U.S. Congress or the Iraq War. Anyone can add our widgets to their site in just minutes. Our widgets are updated hourly and come in many different sizes and formats, to fit any web style: from small skyscrapers to full page listings. More »

Buttons: Get reviewed on NewsTrust

Get reviewed on NewsTrust! Our buttons are simple graphics with links you can add to your own website or blog. NewsTrust buttons let your readers post and review stories to NewsTrust from any page on your site. We offer a variety of buttons, which are all very easy to install. NewsTrust Buttons are a great way to build trust with your readers and promote your site to the NewsTrust community. More »

Badges: Spread the word about NewsTrust

Put a NewsTrust badge on your site and help spread the word about NewsTrust! NewsTrust badges are a great way to show your support for our nonprofit social news service, by providing a link to our site. Note that if you write or publish works of journalism on your site, be sure to check our review buttons, to get quality feedback from our reviewers. More »

The tools above are free to individuals and nonprofit organizations. For commercial uses, please .