New Democracy Victory: A Glimmer of Hope for Greece

New Democracy's victory in Sunday's Greek elections will only give the country a short breather. The nation is deeply divided, and coalition talks could prove difficult. Greece threatens to slide into chaos again if the country's politicians, and citizen Full Story »

Posted by Pamela Hogle - via Der Spiegel
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Posted by: Posted by Pamela Hogle - Jun 18, 2012 - 8:02 AM PDT
Reviewed by: Andy von Salis (review)
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Andy von Salis
by Andy von Salis - Jun. 18, 2012

The story is comprehensive; it addresses short- and long-term issues from multiple viewpoints and it points out the difference between talk and action. It makes two or three important predictions that seem logical. It cites facts to support every conclusion, and it avoids wishy-washy hedging on those conclusions. However, the story is too short, and it fails to state why New Democracy increased its poll results since the May election.

I think it's tragic that Greeks have lived for a generation or more under the misimpression that they "can have it all," due mainly to cooked books preceding the Papandreou administration. And I think it's tragic that they can't grieve that fact and move on to acceptance, or at least resignation; any other course will deepen their agony in the long run.

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