President Obama Scolds The Media During Barnard College Speech

President Barack Obama spoke to the graduating class of Barnard College on Monday, where he decried the state of the news media and its persistent focus on negative stories. “Faith in our institutions has never been lower,” said Obama. “Particularly when Full Story »

Posted by Paul Burdette - via Mediaite
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Posted by: Posted by Paul Burdette - May 14, 2012 - 7:24 PM PDT
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Paul Burdette
by Paul Burdette - May. 16, 2012

This story highlights many issues with responsible journalism and the ethical choices journalist face. In reporting the news journalist walk a line between what sells and what is in the best interest for the common good. Often it seems only the doom and gloom of our nation and world is reported with interest stories saved for the end of the broadcast cycle or the back page of the morning paper. President Obama’s cry for responsible reporting is valid, but at what point does this turn to propaganda in reporting what he government wants. The best piece of information taken form this piece is the value in reporting both sides of every story in a balanced way that affect the entire spectrum and not choose based on sensationalism. ... More »

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Nicole Percz
by Nicole Percz - May. 16, 2012

I really like this article because number 1 it is a great example of how to show an unbiased opinion. They use a lot of quotes from Obama rather than putting his own opinions in the piece. Also it is a bit ironic because Obama is bashing the media while this writer is in the media. But that is irrelevant. I think that this topic is very interesting because it is true. In my experience my friends know more about Snooki's upcoming pregnancy rather than the 2012 upcoming election. When ... More »

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