Wisconsin State Senator Says Money Is 'Less Important' To Women

Repealing the law was a no-brainer for state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R), who led the effort because of his belief that pay discrimination is a myth driven by liberal women’s groups. Ignoring multiple studies showing that the pay gap exists, Grothman blamed females for prioritizing childrearing and homemaking instead of money, saying, “Money is more important for men,” Full Story »

Posted by Dwight Rousu

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Tomomi Menjo
by Tomomi Menjo - Apr. 17, 2012

I think this is a very well written piece. Although it is short, it sends enough information about the issue. This is also relevant to those who follow politics and to those who are interested in the wage issue women face. Not only women but many people still see discrimination when it comes to wages. Grothman's comment seems strong enough to catch a large number of people with different backgrounds. The title is attention grabbing with the quote from his quote.

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