The Age of Irresponsibility

Decades from now, historians are going to fill e-tome after e-tome debating when the crisis in American authority began. A good place to start would be the Clinton era. The president of the United States had a tawdry affair, lied about it, and refused to accept any responsibility for his actions. The Republicans correctly pointed out that the president had acted beneath his office. The problem was that many of them were acting beneath their offices, too. ... Full Story »

Posted by Leo Romero

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Peggy Kruse
by Peggy Kruse - Feb. 23, 2009

Sorry -- I'm not evaluating this for good journalism, but it is obvious to me the writer is young (or really old and forgetful). There was a board game called "Credibility Gap" during the Johnson administration, which reflected the distrust toward authorities who had lied to us about the Vietnam War.

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