Redefining Birthright Citizenship, One State at a Time

The measure is, of course, a direct violation of the 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to anyone born in the United States. According to Berman, that’s precisely the point. In the best-case scenario, Texas state Rep. Leo Berman hopes his state Full Story »

Posted by Kelsey Duckett - via Google News (Immigration), Google News (Immigration), Washington Independent
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Posted by: Posted by Kelsey Duckett - Oct 20, 2010 - 6:04 AM PDT
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Robert B. Elliott
by Robert B. Elliott - Oct. 20, 2010

This is indeed good journalism. She presents the facts Mam & nothing but the facts. Every subjective issue is attributed to its source. There is no spin or damagoguery & the reader is left to pul it all together with accurate & rational info. It is sad that this is a story. Fanatics who will stoop to using innocent victims & fearmongering for their own advantage have no conscience. Cooler & smarter heads determined that birth is the one most significant determinant for citizenship well over a century ago. They were wise & prescient. If these clowns want to try to get a constitutional amendment passed, they are welcome to spin their wheels & waste their worthless time.

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Stephanie Villalobos
by Stephanie Villalobos - Nov. 2, 2010

In this article, author Elise Foley presents the latest legislative stunt on part of Texas representative Leo Berman -- who plans to introduce a bill to discontinue automatic citizenship for U.S born children of undocumented immigrants. This piece mainly touches on ethnic, age and geographical fault lines. Foley relays Berman's view that children born to illegal residents should not be able to become citizens of the United States; rather, his proposal is to grant that specific ... More »

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Elisa Tavera
by Elisa Tavera - Nov. 1, 2010

This article shows the race/ethinicity and class fault lines. It feels as if they speak towards immigrants as if they are a race within themselves. And this article compares immigrants to criminals, in the sense that they are of a lower class. i see a bit of an ethnocentric side to it, for the simpple cause that they use the term "anchor babies" making it seem that immigrants are leaving their home country to have children in the U.S in hopes of gaining citizenshit, although some of these facts may be true, this is looked through an American lens point of view, and the immigrants are beng judged on how they live up to American standards.

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Kelsey Duckett
by Kelsey Duckett - Oct. 20, 2010

Great, well-rounded story. The issue of immigration continues to heat up, and this is another great story on solutions and what the future holds.

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paul steinmiller
by paul steinmiller - Oct. 21, 2010

This is a very informative article, due to it bring forth a vital happening currently in the United States. Illegal immigration is on a rise still to this day and man children of these immigrants are becoming citizens this itself seems to be odd because their parents are in this country unlawfully, but still is just if they are putting forth the effort to immigrate into this country. What is truly baffling about this is that Leo Berman seems to belive this will actually work to break the way the 14th amendment has been interpreted since it was written. The problem with his thought is that the 14th amendment is very clear and concise in that it means that every person born in the united states is a U.S. Citizen and this ... More »

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Vanessa Serpas
by Vanessa Serpas - Oct. 26, 2010

This story shows the basis of good journalism. It provides factual evidence along with the quotes. The journalist does not show bias, instead clearly provides the facts as thoroughly as possible.

Personally this is absolutely ridiculous since the 14th Amendment CLEARLY states that if you are born in the U.S. you are automatically a citizen. Furthermore, for Metcalfe to suggest that undocumented immigrants are all criminals who are trying to have the "'anchor baby' status" is extremely ignorant and insulting to the Latino community. Unless he has gone out into every Latino community and asked each person if that was their reason for coming to this country, he should choose his ... More »

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