Ole Miss Shelves Mascot Fraught With Baggage

"There’s no more of a noble cause than continuing the tradition of Colonel Reb,” said Mr. West, standing in the baking Mississippi heat in a giant stuffed mask and foam shoes. “Everyone loves the guy.”

Well, not quite everyone. After many years of complaints about the racial insensitivity of having a man dressed as a Confederate soldier as the symbol of a university where 14 percent of students are black, Ole Miss is pulling the plug on ... Full Story »

Posted by Seth Roberts Farber - via New York Times (Most Emailed), Patrick McDermott (t), Ish Harshawat (t)
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Subjects: U.S., Sports, Education
Topics: Football, College, Race
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Posted by: Posted by Seth Roberts Farber - Sep 20, 2010 - 5:03 AM PDT
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