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And maybe that's the difference. When those other guys took this act on the campaign trail, it was obvious they were just reading lines in a bad script. But maybe it sounds different coming from Obama because he actually means what he says, as weird as that would be. The American Dream, after all, is dying. We do need something new. That much is painfully obvious. Full Story »

Posted by Randy Morrow
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Posted by: Posted by Randy Morrow - Sep 12, 2008 - 1:24 AM PDT
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Vincent Caminiti
by Vincent Caminiti - Oct. 1, 2008

I always enjoy Matt Taibbi. He's edgy visceral and wields sarcasm without apology. This was an opinion piece that pretty much explained the symbolism behind cynical ears Obama's words first landed. No doubt the article is representative of a great many of Obama supporters that didn't buy words they had heard before just because they were coming from another Democrat's mouth. He was different enough to give an additional listen and he sure can intone messages in a special way. Then, low and behold, there is a consistency in his message even if there is some change in tactics, that doesn't seem like the same reconstituted Democratic tripe. It seems to me that Taibbi captured the essence of the intrigue for him, and ostensibly for ... More »

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Chris Finnie
by Chris Finnie - Oct. 1, 2008

Taibbi spends two pages bashing Obama, only to spend the third gushing about the guy. As odd as that is, saying people didn't feel this way about earlier candidates is just dumb. I personally know people who still feel this way about Al Gore. I myself slept on the floor for a week in Iowa to work for Howard Dean because I thought the same things about him (and still do). Thousands of others did the same and more. I know others who worked their tails off for John Kerry. Yes we all wanted to beat Bush. But many of us truly believed in our candidates and in what they said. And just because a sentiment bears repeating, that does not make it any less true. In fact, over my lifetime, I've often noted that people repeat things more ... More »

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Roland F. Hirsch
by Roland F. Hirsch - Oct. 1, 2008

This opinilon piece has considerable journalistic merit. It shows how surreal the atmosphere in the Obama campaign is, how reporters are kept away from Obama, how he talks only platitudes, how the audiences react emotionally rather than intellectually. Would have been improved with a recitation from Obama's steady stream of gaffes.

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Randy Morrow
by Randy Morrow - Oct. 1, 2008

Mr. Taibbi describes the Obama experience--from the plane-bus to the halls, to the crowds, to the effect on the audiences.

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Amala Lane
by Amala Lane - Oct. 1, 2008

This is obviously an editorial essay so the extremely subjective p.o.v. is to be expected. However, the tone of the writer is jaded to say the least. Why not let me come to his conclusion by first giving me some factual information so that by the time he describes what he sees and gives his perspective, I may already agree. He comes off as just a bored reporter.

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Charles McWilliams
by Charles McWilliams - Oct. 1, 2008

The article offers insight in to the Obama craze and how the press corps is fed infomation by the campaign. This really isn't news as much as a biography of an Obama reporter and fan. Opinion is offered from a reporter who self admittedly is being seduced by Obama's Personality, and not the content of his policy or message. I find it interesting that he refers to McCain as a madman in the last paragraph. Only a few years ago McCain was hailed as a moderate, or independent and maverick. Now that he is running for President he is a madman. The author claims that Obama may not have another side to him other than what we see in his speechs. But I think that there is evedence to say that he at least harbors sympathy for 60's style ... More »

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