Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process

Aides to Mr. McCain said they had a team on the ground in Alaska now to look more thoroughly into Ms. Palin's background. A Republican with ties to the campaign said the team assigned to vet Ms. Palin in Alaska had not arrived there until Thursday, a day before Mr. McCain stunned the political world with his vice-presidential choice. The campaign was still calling Republican operatives as late as Sunday night asking them to go to Alaska to deal with the ... Full Story »

Posted by Denise Clendening
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Beth Wellington
by Beth Wellington - Oct. 1, 2008

Thanks for submitting this Denise. It's interesting and damning, if true, that McCain wasn't truthful about an FBI vetting. Also that, as Denise indicated, he didn't get to pick his choice of running mate who would have been Lieberman or Ridge, both supposedly disqualified as being pro-choice. The Times story gives the appearance of fairness, but raises some questions in my mind, as there are so many anonymous sources, other than the Alaskans, who are willing to go on record. And what the Times doesn't tell you or credit is that in "Choice stuns state politicians," http://www.adn.com/politics/story/510249.html Anchorage Daily News reporters Sean Cockerham and Wesley Loy published interviews with many of the same folks on August ... More »

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Derek Hawkins
by Derek Hawkins - Oct. 1, 2008

This report confirms a lot of the conjecture about the odd selection of Sarah Palin. It seems certain now that John McCain made his choice impulsively in hopes to energize the conservative base, and at the same time win over disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters and moderates. The Times clearly covered all its bases in this story, talking to an array of sources on the state and local level, as well as campaign advisors. This is a valuable contribution to the coverage of this election.

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Fabrice Florin
by Fabrice Florin - Oct. 1, 2008

Excellent report on how much the McCain campaign checked VP pick Sarah Palin's background before offering her the job. Factual evidence gathered for this article suggests that it was a hasty decision based on limited vetting, which took most GOP supporters by surprise. This naturally raises questions about McCain's judgment; I'm troubled by his willingness to make important decisions from the gut, without getting all the facts first.

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Kaizar Campwala
by Kaizar Campwala - Oct. 1, 2008

This is good work on the part of the Times. I was particularly impressed that they interviewed not only McCain insiders, but also Alaskan politicians on the vetting issue.

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Denise Clendening
by Denise Clendening - Oct. 1, 2008

This story is good investigative journalism with numerous credible sources and provides balanced well-researched evidence. The article follows up on previous statements from the campaign such as the statement that there was an FBI background check but the FBI states they were not aware of her until it was announced. Other candidates were vetted for months by his campaign and McCain’s vetter arrived in Alaska the day before McCain announced Palin as his VP choice. Important story that indicates that McCain is not in control of his campaign and did not get to choose the VP he wanted. The story indicates that he is not in control of the special interests in his party.

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Kenneth L Salzman, PhD
by Kenneth L Salzman, PhD - Oct. 1, 2008

The story is good, and well researched. It is neither an attack on Gov Palin, nor an indictment of Sen McCain. It raises the singular question of when and how well the Senator's campaign vetted the woman he named to be his running mate. The lack of vetting leaves this candidacy in a precarious state. Stories about Gov Palin continue to come out as they are unveiled primarily by the press. The RNC and the McCain campaign get left playing catch-up and are in reactive mode. Initially, the stories about Palin appear to be clarifying her intensely right-wing ideological position and her religious stance. These ideological concerns appear to be firing up both bases, the right in favor and the left in firm disapproval. What is still to ... More »

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Dwight Rousu
by Dwight Rousu - Oct. 1, 2008

The story involved quite a bit of investigation into events that contradict the McCain camp stories. (There is now a correction on the site regarding membership in the Independence party.) The story's most interesting aspect is that Palin was not McCain's choice. If ultra right party apparatchik are overriding McCain and calling the shots, then who would be calling the shots afterwards if he would be elected president? This sounds like the Manchurian candidate meeting the Alaska candidate.

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Jack Dinkmeyer
by Jack Dinkmeyer - Oct. 1, 2008

An informative article based on extensive research which makes the important point that poor McCain had no input about his VP. Ultra conservatives who chose McCain's VP for him were didn't care a bit about background, only focusing on finding a candidate brimming over with proper neo con approved, pure 100% right-wing credentials who would cement the support of the conservative base. Eight years of Cheney-Bush successes tend to distort one's judgment and perception of reality.

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James Remeika
by James Remeika - Oct. 1, 2008

This article full of well-researched facts about a story that will necessarily be wrapped in speculation and rumor. I don't think it entirely succeeds in balancing the view of the McCain campaign, but makes a concerted effort to do so. This is an important piece to read if you hope to wrap you head around Palin-gate.

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William Hughes-Games
by William Hughes-Games - Oct. 1, 2008

Do you really think that with the number of families in the USA who have or have had a pregnant mother in the family without a legally married husband and with Sarah's strong unflinching support for her daughter, that this will be a negative factor in the election. I don't think so. It will only make the McCain team seem more human and sympathetic. And Senator Obama is being very clever too in telling the press to lay off. That the family life of his oponent is their own private business. As for her husband being arrested many years ago for driving under the influence. Ditto. Lets get real and talk about important issues. America now has a choice between a good candidate and an even better one. It has been a long time since that happened.

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M. Simon
by M. Simon - Oct. 1, 2008

This is a New York Times smear piece. Almost everything reported is false. She was vetted by the FBI. She did tell McCain about her daughter. The Times no longer reports. If they had asked McCain they could have found out the truth. Instead they found their imagination to be more "informative" and that is who they asked. So where is the story about Biden's brother in a fraud case involving millions? All Palin did was to fire a guy who it was her absolute prerogative to fire since he held an appointed position. A bad hair day would have been enough.

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Norman Rogers
by Norman Rogers - Oct. 1, 2008

This is a highly partisan attack on McCain and Palin. The Times and democrats are desperate and will stoop to anything in order to torpedo what is a brilliant move by McCain. This will sink Obama unless they can discredit Palin. How comical to complain that she wasn't vetted. How about attacking her political opinions or positions. They don't dare because the American people love her.

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Roland F. Hirsch
by Roland F. Hirsch - Oct. 1, 2008

This opinion piece has no journalistic value. It is full of inaccuracies. Gov Palin was never a member of the Alaska Independence Party. The team sent by the campaign to Alaska is not to "vet" her but to protect against the smears against the candidate. If Alaskan "officials" did not know she was being considered they did not read any newspapers of polls for the last three month, as she was running first or second in every poll of VP preferences. And a 20-year old drunk-driving charge against her husband! The National Enquirer does a better job of checking out its stories than the Times.

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Charles McWilliams
by Charles McWilliams - Oct. 1, 2008

This doesn't shed any light on Palin, and little light on McCain's decision making process. It seem like the times reporter is grasping for any topic to put a story out on the proposed VP candidate.

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