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With the federal government in knots, Texas and California--the two most powerful megastates--are fighting to lead the country forward. Guess who's winning.

Call it the War Between the Megastates. This conflict burst into the national headlines on May 17, 2001, when then-governor Gray Davis told reporters that California, reeling from chronic blackouts and the bankruptcy of his state's largest power company, was "literally in a war" with "price gouging" Texas energy producers....For the most part, however, Texas versus California has been a cold war, a simmering ideological feud between two great powers. And ... Full Story »

Posted by Beth Wellington

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Beth Wellington
by Beth Wellington - Oct. 1, 2008

A bit of a booster piece, although filled with some interesting information. The author, advocates for Texas in the competition with California and raises the question of "how a state with the nation’s second-best public university system, no state income tax, a median home price barely more than a fifth of that of the average California house, and a booming economy can’t draw more of the nation’s best and brightest and narrow the venture capital gap." He thinks it is one of perception with headlines driven by "a Texas president widely regarded as hostile to science, along with a governor who spends millions to promote cutting-edge technology but has appointed an evolution-denying dentist to head the committee that will rewrite Texas’s elementary and secondary school science standards this year." And I might add, as he notes in the article, Governor Perry also told his fellow Republicans, “Since when did the field of science become the sole purview of left-wing politicians...virtually every day another scientist leaves the global warming bandwagon, but you won’t read about that in the press.” This was after hearing the Governor of California appealing to a state party “dying at the box office” to reclaim the “abandoned middle political ground” "do something more about climate change than simply doubt it."

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