Ellsberg's Hiroshima Remembrance

I had a sense of dread, a feeling that something very ominous for humanity had just happened. A feeling, new to me as an American, at 14, that my country might have made a terrible mistake.

I was glad when the war ended nine days later, but it didn’t make me think that my first reaction on Aug. 6 was wrong. Full Story »

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Posted by: Posted by Dwight Rousu - Aug 7, 2009 - 10:49 AM PDT
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Dwight Rousu
by Dwight Rousu - Aug. 7, 2009

Wow! Best and most important essay I have read in a long time.

Our social institutions have to catch up with technology and disassemble nuclear and thermonuclear weapons all over the globe.

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eileen fleming
by eileen fleming - Aug. 10, 2009

This is quality journalism, a good read and a Public Service.

"I plan over the next year, before the 65th anniversary of Hiroshima, to do my part in unveiling this hidden history."-Daniel Ellsberg Me too! In 2005, the whistle blower of Israel's WMD Program, Mordechai Vanunu told me: "When I became the spy for the world, I did it all for the people of the world. If governments do not report the truth, and if the media does not report the truth, then all we can do is follow our consciences. "Daniel Ellsberg did, the woman from ... More »

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