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Billmon is a prominent American blogger who writes pseudonymously on various political and economic issues of the day from a left-wing perspective. His blog is called Whiskey Bar. More » (Source: Wikipedia)

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Last Edit: Nov 8, 2006 - 4:29 PM PST
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  • An Iraq Retrospective

    () By my rough guess, at least two thirds, if not more, of the almost three thousand posts I've written since that day have concerned the Iraq War, directly or indirectly. Over ...
    Posted by Kaizar Campwala
  • Comrade Webb

    () If you'd told me twenty years ago that John Kerry would eventually run for president, I would have expected Webb to be in there Swiftboating with the best of them. Originally ...
    Posted by Kaizar Campwala
  • Untermenschen for Hitler

    () It is incomprehensible to me how any Russian, much less any Russian nationalist, could chant "Heil Hitler" at a public rally -- no matter how much they hate the "blacks" ...
    Posted by Kaizar Campwala
  • The Next Wave

    () With four days left until the election, the political wave is nearing the shore. And at this point it looks like a Republican killer. Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, which has been ...
    Posted by Kaizar Campwala
  • The Enemies of Truth

    () The corporate media have finally noticed that a very large, very rabid skunk is busy spraying its caustic stink all over the 2006 election campaign. Some journalists, like the ...
    Posted by Fabrice Florin
  • Empire of Ignorance

    () It just seems to be part of the imperial mentality to ignore -- and be ignorant of -- political and/or cultural differences among the lesser breeds. The whole point of empire ...
    Posted by Fabrice Florin
  • The Sixteen Acre Ditch

    () You can learn a lot about a country in five years. What I've learned (from 9/11, the corporate scandals, the fiasco in Iraq, Katrina, the Cheney Administration's insane ...
    Posted by Fabrice Florin
  • The War Party

    () It looks as if Ned Lamont is riding the anti-war wave to victory in the Connecticut Democratic primary -- or so the latest polls suggest. I'm sure this will be proclaimed a ...
    Posted by Fabrice Florin
  • Mutually Assured Dementia

    () Maybe it's just me, but I've been at least a little bit surprised by the relatively muted reaction to the news that the Cheney Administration and its Pentagon underlings are ...
    Posted by Fabrice Florin


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