Whether you're a news provider, an independent blogger or a journalism school, NewsTrust can support your work in more ways than one. Much of what you see on NewsTrust can be added to your site and customized to fit your needs, using our buttons and widgets. We also invite media and educational partners to share their expertise in our weekly 'news hunts' for good journalism on important topics like the Environment, Global Economy and the Presidential Elections. If you would like to partner with NewsTrust, please .

Current Partners

NewsTrust partners include:

Media Partners
Council on Foreign Relations
Global Voices
Huffington Post
Link TV
The Long Now Foundation
Mother Jones
New America Media
PBS Engage
Poynter Institute
Regret The Error
Scientific American
Tavis Smiley Show
USA Today
Washington Post
Educational Partners
Arizona State University
International High School
Iowa State University
Northeastern University
San Francisco State University
Santa Clara University
Science Leadership Academy
Stanford University
Stony Brook University
University of Nevada

Button/Widget Partners
Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Constant Observer
Daily Bellwether
Media is a Plural
News Literacy Project
New England News
Ohio Daily Blog
Stone Soup Station
Writes Like She Talks
Yahoo News
MacArthur Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Omidyar Network
Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
Ayrshire Foundation
Sunlight Foundation
Tides Foundation

Google, Inc.
Doug Carlston
Fabrice Florin
Mitch Kapor
Craig Newmark
Hap Perry
More coming soon ... Add our widget to your site!

We're now forming alliances with other world-class partners to offer NewsTrust to their communities. If you would like to partner with NewsTrust, please .

Partner Services

We offer these free services to our partners:

  • Review Buttons
  • News Widgets

Read more below or for more info.

Review Buttons

Put NewsTrust Buttons on your site and get quality feedback from your readers.

Just add our Review Buttons next to each article (or blog post) on your site. This opens a small review window over your site, with tips on how to evaluate your work based on journalistic principles like fairness, sourcing and context.

NewsTrust Review buttons give your readers an easy way to tell you what they think of your news coverage. It's much faster to rate a story than send a letter to the editor, and a lot more effective. And it also gets them to read your content more closely, spending more time on your site.

Our Review Buttons are simple graphics with links you can add to your own website. They let your readers post and review stories to NewsTrust from any page on your site. We offer a variety of buttons and links, to fit any web style.

Click here to install our buttons on your site


News Widgets

Add NewsTrust to your site! We offer hundreds of web widgets, featuring quality news and opinions on important topics like Politics, Media, Iraq or the U.S. Congress.

Anyone can add our widgets to their site in just minutes. Our widgets are updated hourly and come in many different sizes and formats, to fit any web style: from small skyscrapers to full-page listings. (see sidebar sample)

NewsTrust widgets can add value to your own content by listing related stories from trusted sources. Our top rated story listings will extend the scope of your publication with more trustworthy content and increase overall customer satisfaction. This is also a great opportunity to engage your community to help identify the best journalism on these pages, based on quality, not just popularity.

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Besides licensing our news widgets and review buttons, we're happy to provide custom services to support your needs, add value to your site, or strengthen your relationship with your community.

For example, we can join forces with you and invite readers to help identify the best journalism on special topics you care about -- based on quality, not just popularity. We can also host moderated discussions about topics you cover, then write custom "trust reports" for you, with recommendations based on feedback from your readers and ours.

We're also planning new services to help our partners build trust with their readers. For example, we're developing a source certification program, based on early feedback from our media partners. For some partners, a NewsTrust certification badge could be very helpful in attracting more readers. If you're interested in these new programs, please .

All in all, NewsTrust is a great way to build trust with your community, as well as help your readers get better informed and more engaged as citizens.

If you have any questions about partnering with NewsTrust, please . We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you very soon.

Thanks for your interest in our next-generation social news network.

The NewsTrust Team