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NewsTrust hosts regular News Hunts to identify good (or bad) journalism on topics such as the economy, health care or the environment.

What’s a News Hunt?
A News Hunt is a bit like a scavenger hunt for quality news and information on important public issues. Each News Hunt lasts one to two weeks, during which NewsTrust members collaborate with a variety of partners to review a wide range of news stories on a chosen topic. At the end of the week, we recommend the best (and worst) news coverage on that topic, based on ratings from our community.

News Hunt Partners
Our national partners so far include leading news providers like the Washington Post, PBS NewsHour, USA Today, PolitiFact, the Huffington Post and Scientific American — as well as educational organizations like Stanford University, Northeastern, the University of Nevada and the International High School. News Hunt participants typically include news professionals, content experts, concerned citizens, educators and students, all using the NewsTrust review tools for this common quest.

National News Hunts
Since 2008, we have hosted dozens ofNews Hunts on these national and global topics:

Baltimore News Hunts
In 2011, NewsTrust started a pilot program focusing on the news in Baltimore, Maryland. With community members and a variety of independent and mainstream media partners, we have highlighted good journalism on some of Baltimore’s most important issues. In 2011, NewsTrust Baltimore hosted news hunts on these topics:
  • Politics
  • Youth — with Wide Angle Youth Media
  • Education
  • Transportation and the Red Line Project — with Urbanite magazine
  • Community Part I & Part II — with The Baltimore Brew
  • Culture and Living — with Baltimore magazine
  • Science and Technology
  • Business News — with Citybizlist Real Estate Baltimore
  • Politics — with Center Maryland
  • To find out more about our News Hunts, check the NewsTrust Blog, where we regularly post our results.

    Our News Hunts have helped hundreds of thousands of people become more discriminating news consumers — empowering them to make more informed decisions as citizens.

    Get started
    To join a News Hunt, follow these simple steps:
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    3. Review a couple stories

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    Learn more
    To learn more about fact checking and journalism, check out these guides:

    Our goal for this project is to give you new tools for checking information on the web — and help build your media literacy skills with the guidance of professionals.

    Host a News Hunt
    We are always looking for hosts and partners to organize News Hunts with us. If you work in a news organization or if you are a journalist, educator or content expert, email us at partners-at-newstrust-dot-net to inquire about (or suggest) upcoming News Hunts.

    Partnering with NewsTrust can help the public develop a better appreciation for quality news and opinion — and support the core journalistic and civic values we stand for. We work with our partners to find the best coverage on important issues like Energy, Health Care, Human Rights, or about any topic that they think will interest their community. We also invite partners to add our top-rated news widgets on their sites, where they can act as a scoreboard for our News Hunts.

    Support our work
    NewsTrust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people find quality news and information online. We are funded by foundation grants and donations from people like you. Donate today so we can host more News Hunts in coming months.

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