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Vanessa reviewed this story - Oct 26, 2010
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This story shows the basis of good journalism. It provides factual evidence along with the quotes. The journalist does not show bias, instead clearly provides the facts as thoroughly as possible.

Personally this is absolutely ridiculous since the 14th Amendment CLEARLY states that if you are born in the U.S. you are automatically a citizen. Furthermore, for Metcalfe to suggest that undocumented immigrants are all criminals who are trying to have the "'anchor baby' status" is extremely ignorant and insulting to the Latino community. Unless he has gone out into every Latino community and asked each person if that was their reason for coming to this country, he should choose his ... More »

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Vanessa posted and reviewed this story - Oct 11, 2010
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I believe this story to be good journalism. It provides quotes from both parties involved as well as from the attorneys. I think some would think that it gives the tone of being partial to the family of the victim but I believe the tone to be not from the journalist but based on the court hearings. it is informative and brings up an issue that is of obvious concern to the Latino community.

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Vanessa posted and reviewed this story - Oct 11, 2010

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