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Sean reviewed this story - Oct 15, 2010
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The New York Times article “Arizona is a Haven for Refugees” compares the state’s willingness to support and enterprise refugees with its stance on illegal immigrants. Arizona, known for passing SB 1070, which allows police to question the legal status of people who look like they may be illegal, has received a great deal of controversy for its supposed racial profiling. In contrast to its tough stance against illegal immigration, Arizona is the fourth largest acceptor of refugees per capita in the country. Accepting refugees from Kenya, Myanmar, and Cambodia, Arizona not only accepts the fourth most refugees per capita, but it also treats them very well with diverse resources for ensuring a steady transition to American ... More »

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Sean posted and reviewed this story - Oct 15, 2010
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In the article “Meet the Illegal Immigrant Team”, the top ten opponents of illegal immigration statistically in Congress were promised campaign money from ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC). A group called NumbersUSA, who measures the actions of Federal lawmakers in regards to immigration related issues, determined the ten most conservative incumbent lawmakers on issues involving illegal immigration. This story is barely newsworthy and is very biased against illegal immigration. Outside of the fact that ALIPAC is going to be endorsing and sponsoring these candidates, there was little information in this article. Opposed to answering questions about the debate, this article created more questions for me as to how ... More »

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Sean posted and reviewed this story - Oct 14, 2010

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