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My name is Nick Bedford and I am a Junior Print Journalism major at Morgan State University. I have joined News Trust to help me evaluate news stories in depth. News Trust provides me with up to date stories and topics that may affect me as well as others in my local area. I aspire to work for the word wide leader in sports ESPN one day and I think that New Trust will help me improve my news story evaluation skills.

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Occupation: Student, Morgan State University
Interests: Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Hip-Hop
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Nick reviewed this story - Feb 15, 2011
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The title to this article really throws off the entire story. The author may have been trying to grab the attention of the reader with the title being about racial tension and President Obama. The article focuses more towards illegal immigration than Obama's trip to Martha's Vineyard.

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Nick reviewed this story - Feb 14, 2011
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This story was very interesting but it lacked important information for the reader. The writer states that they could not get the attendance for the event of this year but what about last years attendance? Although he states that it was a greater turnout, I would like to know the range of people that were there. I thought that the aspects of the cars that were mentioned were very cool especially among a car lover such as myself. This article is very interesting but I feel that it could have been put together a lot better.

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Nick reviewed this story - Feb 13, 2011
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This is good journalism because of that fact that you hear from two different positions on the topics present in the story. Mayor Stephany Rawlings-Blake continues to repeat the words that this city has seen from former Baltimore mayors such as Sheila Dixon. Then you hear the opposing argument that she is trying to make promises that are over her head.

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Nick reviewed this story - Feb 13, 2011
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This story has been groundbreaking over the past 5 weeks as the Egyptian people have voiced their rights to protest against their President. This story is very good journalism, very informative as well for those who have not kept up with these events. Although the story speaks of victory for the people of Egypt, it also shows the challenges that are currently ahead for the Government there in Egypt which will lead to more stories about the future of the country after the step down of their President.

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