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I am the Founder/Editor-at-Large for WNN - Women News Network, an award winning news site (Eli Lilly REACH Award for outstanding writing on TB, Every Human Has Rights Media Award by the Elders) that brings in-depth high quality journalistic news on global women to over 500 United Nations agencies and affiliates, international legal advocates, universities, international government officials, as well as the public at large. My work as a human rights journalist when I started as an intern producer with PBS pioneer Grace Cavalieri at WPFW-FM Pacifica radio 89.3FM in Washington, D.C. in the 1970s. I was also part of the formation of the public community television idea in the early days of public TV in Colorado (US) and helped as the only woman back then on the programming board for the very beginning of what is now Colorado Public Television Channel 12, Denver PBS, CPT12 (formerly KBDI TV). WNN - Women News Network, which is now working with over 18 journalists in field locations, was initially put together when I went to the United Nations to cover a story back in early 2006 on women and the ravages of Darfur. Once at the UN, I realized deeply the critical need for high quality 'old-fashioned' journalistic NY Times style, in-depth news coverage on global women.

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Location: Hygiene, Colorado, United States
Occupation: Founder/Editor-at-Large, WNN - Women News Network, WNN - Women News Network
Interests: global women, women's rights, environment, climate change, world development data analytics, human rights, global development, global poverty, global health
Expertise: Asked to speak on panel at the United Nations twice (to date) covering the topic: new digital media tools for activists. Worked closely to help produce three international award winning news stories for WNN.
Affiliations: WNN - Women News Network has a large base of publishing partners that include UN Women, UNESCO, Global Fund for Women, Carnegie Council, AWID, World Pulse, International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF), Nobel Women's Initiative, UNDP - United Nations Development Programme, Truthout, INTERNEWS, AlterNet, Common Ground News Service, Vital Voices, among others.
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Journalism: 10-20 years
Education: Post-graduate school
News: 90 minutes a day or more
Internet: 90 minutes a day or more
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Address: 11830 N. 75th Street, Hygiene, CO, 80533, US
Phone: 303-215-6079
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Lys reviewed this story - May 21, 2012
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The facts in this story are strong, but the purpose of the story is to 'build a case' for less population and less consumption on earth. Yes, this is an easy case to build (& one I personally agree with), but the story does have a clear goal to sway the public in the direction to agree with the conclusions presented.

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NT Rating: 4.2 | See All NT Reviews »
Lys posted and reviewed this story - May 1, 2012
Lys's Rating

This story by the BBC has been reported using an unbiased approach in reading the data revealing that more babies born in the past 10 years up to 2009 are suffering from opiate exposures and withdrawal. I would like to see much more detail on this story though. There are some important questions we all need to know: how does this affect U.S. society today with increasing rates of over the counter medicines addiction?.

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NT Rating: 4.5 | See All NT Reviews »
Lys posted and reviewed this story - Apr 30, 2012

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