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Just another one of millions who likes to get the "real news". I'm a single Mom; been on disability for a little over two years for PTSD and trying to keep from drowning in the corporate takeover of our country, our culture, our livelihoods; just to mention a scant few of the things that have been prioritized by our world in politics, sports, govenment - the whole she-bang. Trying to re-enter the workforce at 48 years of age and have my work cut out for me (all pun intended) with the stigma of mental illness (to explain TRUTHFULLY my lapse in employment since early 2007).

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Occupation: Former Case Manager , Missouri Dept. Mental Health
Interests: politics - particularly healthcare reform and campaign finance reform (they are, after all pretty much very much entwined one with the other); avid fan of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Daily Show - Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report
Expertise: Creative writing, blogging, writing to congress members and senators
Affiliations: Am on Facebook, MySpace, In The Rooms (online recovery network),
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Lisa commented on this story – Feb. 27, 2011

If they can’t be prosecuted, then an alternate solution could be to re-set their victim’s credit scores so EVERYBODY can start from square one. And campaign finance reform is WAY, long, over-due!

Lisa commented on this quote – Feb. 23, 2011

The Walker Administration squandered the surplus (I read a figure of 120 million) by making that surplus money into tax cuts for the corporate interests that got him into office. So yes, AND no. It started balanced and now is unbalanced since this is purely ... More »

Lisa reviewed this story - Jan 27, 2011
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Lisa reviewed this story - Oct 9, 2009
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Lisa reviewed this story - Oct 7, 2009
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Lisa reviewed this story - Oct 4, 2009
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It cited a specific case in point that exemplified the issue.

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Lisa reviewed this story - Sep 11, 2009
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It neglected to say anything about the healthcare debacle which is a big piece of the puzzle with the numbers of the uninsured/underinsured in our country. Lots of us make too much on either unemployment/ disability benefits and yet we cannot afford the exhorbitant cost of healthcare premiums once we're no longer working.

I meant to put the paragraph about quality journalism here. Sorry.

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Lisa reviewed this story - Aug 18, 2009
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The content really sheds light upon just how big of a colossal mess this healthcare business really is.

Just as Rep. Anthony Wiener (D-NY) said on the MSNBC morning programs just today; and I'm paraphrasing, but the point of his message was basically that there is no healthcare reform without the public option; that there will be no true healthcare reform without it, as having the healthcare insurance industry regulate themselves is pretty much the same thing as promoting an arsonist to the position of fire cheif.

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Lisa reviewed this story - Aug 10, 2009
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