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I am finishing up my Master's of Education Degree at UNR. I will be a high-school English teacher. I am a single parent to a three year old boy. I worked professionally as an actress in Los Angeles for ten years. I have also taught Acting to college students and taught piano. I have traveled extensively around the world with my sister and am currently writing a book about our journey.

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Elizabeth reviewed this story - Oct 22, 2008
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This was a very well-written story and very factual. Colin Powell was quoted and Khan's tombstone appeared in the New Yorker magazine. This story supported Powell's decision to vote for Obama. The only issue here is that Joe the Plumber does not really have much to do with this soldier- Kareem Khan. Joe the plumber has to do with Obama taxing the middle class, while this story has to do with a young Muslim soldier, valiantly giving up his life for this country.

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Elizabeth reviewed this story - Oct 22, 2008
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This is an interesting story and has some truth to it. The OECD is a real organization and what makes this story seem plausible, is that it involved a three-year study. Economists were involved in the study and the Secretary General for the OECD. They lend truth to the matter at hand. Also, this was a 30 Nation Report. Resources were utilized and they give the story credibility.

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Elizabeth reviewed this story - Oct 22, 2008
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No, it is not quality journalism. The web-site this article was posted is not available to the public. It is secured by an unknown password. There is no validity to the story. Haafid is 'not believed to have a direct affiliation with al-Qa'ida' and therefore, this story is not plausible.

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