News Groups

News Groups is a new application that makes it easy for communities of interest to share news stories with each other on NewsTrust.

News Groups have their own page on NewsTrust, where group members can share their recommended stories. A News Group page only shows stories reviewed, posted or starred by group members, and their group ratings are shown with blue Trust-O-Meter icons (you can also compare them to the site-wide NewsTrust ratings).

A News Group usually has one or more hosts who can curate news listings, edit group settings, validate new members, and moderate discussions. Hosts can decide whether group membership is open to all or invitations-only; they can also control whether or not to make their group pages public (accessible to anyone), only visible to NewsTrust members, or private (for group members only).

Featured News Groups
The first beta release of News Groups is primarily intended for schools and educational partners. Here are some of our first pilot groups.

National News Groups
These groups are hosted in our national site, and support a range of educational experiments.

Baltimore News Groups
These local groups were created for NewsTrust Baltimore, our local news experiment.

Over time, we aim to support a wide range of different News Groups (e.g.: your friends, editors, journalists, political or affinity groups). If you are interested in hosting a group, email us at editors[at]newstrust[dot]net.

In the meantime, you can read more about how News Groups work in our Groups FAQ (or the Group Hosts FAQ).

In coming months, we’ll be rolling out more features — and introducing different types of news groups.

We hope that News Groups will enrich the experience of sharing and curating the news together on NewsTrust.

Stay tuned for more…

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