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Here's what our supporters are saying about NewsTrust — and how it serves the public.

Help people find trustworthy news
"The guys from NewsTrust are building something new, tools that help people find trustworthy news. Their technology allows everyone to work together to rate and filter the news, and figure out what's fair and factual. ... I believe in what these guys are doing, and have contributed my time and money."
—Craig Newmark, Craigslist

Understand how journalists do their jobs
"The potential of this approach is terrific: community involvement in understanding how well journalists — including bloggers — do at their jobs ... The promise is clear. Join up and help out."
—Dan Gillmor, Arizona State University

Return public trust to journalism
"I believe strongly in NewsTrust because citizen involvement in returning public trust to journalism is so important to the future of democracy."
—Howard Rheingold, Stanford University

Discern fact from fiction
"As a parent and a citizen of this country, I am longing for ways to educate our children and each other to discern fact from fiction, truth from 'truthiness.' NewsTrust addresses in a nonpartisan way the dearth of thoughtful discourse in this country by presenting a model of 'citizen journalism' that can be easily accessed, utilized and scaled up by its participants in the way that Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have been."
—Terry Gamble, Ayrshire Foundation

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