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NewsTrust Advisors

"The guys from NewsTrust are building something new, tools that help people find trustworthy news. Their technology allows everyone to work together to rate and filter the news, and figure out what's fair and factual. ... I believe in what these guys are doing, and have contributed my time and money."
Craig Newmark — Craigslist

"The potential of this approach is terrific: community involvement in understanding how well journalists — including bloggers — do at their jobs (whether it's a professional or amateur activity or something in between). Clearly, this is an early iteration. But the promise is clear. Join up and help out."
Dan Gillmor — Arizona State University

"NewsTrust addresses in a nonpartisan way the dearth of thoughtful discourse in this country by presenting a model of 'citizen journalism' that can be easily accessed, utilized and scaled up by its participants in the way that Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have been. As a parent and a citizen of this country, I am longing for ways to educate our children and each other to discern fact from fiction, truth from 'truthiness'."
Terry Gamble — Ayrshire Foundation

"I believe strongly in NewsTrust because citizen involvement in returning public trust to journalism is so important to the future of democracy."
Howard Rheingold — Stanford University

"There are lots of smart individuals in the world but none as smart, experienced or insightful as all of us together. NewsTrust provides a tool for applying the wisdom of the crowd of news consumers to the news-gathering and communication process."
Mark Tapscott — Washington Examiner

"NewsTrust.net allows the public to rate the reliability and quality of news sources. This will gradually be seen as a vital service."
Bill Densmore — Media Giraffe

"At a time when corporate profit demands are increasing the commercial bias of mainstream news — more of what people can be seduced to want and less of what they need — and when most news on the Web is produced by neojournalists of uncertain competence, News Trust is an invaluable guide to quality."
John McManus — University of San Jose

"NewsTrust provides new ways for journalists to see what people are saying about their work. It lets users review content for journalistic value."
Ellyn Angelotti — The Poynter Institute

NewsTrust Partners

"I was thrilled with the results of 'news hunt' that we co-sponsored with NewsTrust. I was particularly impressed with the ability of the NewsTrust community to filter out the noise of the 24-hour news cycle and to identify good work where it existed. NewsTrust is truly an important innovation in the Web 2.0 world."
Mike Moran — Executive Editor, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR.org)

"It's hard to think of another site quite like NewsTrust ... The fact that they are a non-profit whose only agenda is gathering quality news is probably the secret to their success — in terms of integrity and objectivity, I can't think of a source I'd trust more."
Christopher Mims — Scientific American

NewsTrust Members

"NewsTrust lets me make my own personal contribution to the Fourth Estate, not by writing more news but by helping to find the gems already out there. None of us has the time to consume more than a fraction of 'all the news that is news.' But with NewsTrust we can help ourselves and each other find good journalism."
Mike LaBonte — Haverhill, MA

"NewsTrust is an excellent tool for finding reliable sources and sharpening my own analytical skills. The review process helps me evaluate content and quality more effectively, see beyond my own opinions, and become better informed about vital issues."
Marsha Iverson — Seattle, WA

"Never before has it been so convenient for people to simply go to the news sources that tell them what they want to hear. I am hoping my involvement with News Trust will in some small way help honest journalism win the day."
Kenneth Dale Penn — Miami, FL

"I love NewsTrust for its accessibility, diversity and its grass-root nature. I get to evaluate stories good and bad, and then hear what people with different background and experience think of the same stories. We may vehemently disagree with each other, but I learn a lot from what others think."
Lewyn Li — Boston, MA

"NewsTrust is one of the most useful ideas I've seen in a long time. The rating system is on-target and relevant, which makes it easy to find the stories that I'm interested in. And I always find pieces that I would have missed on other sites. Great idea, great implementation."
John Taylor — Moraga, CA

"NewsTrust is a truly engaging and useful site. I was able to understand and begin using the service almost immediately, thanks to the bookmarklet I put in my toolbar, allowing me to send any page I was viewing to NewsTrust for review."
Autumn Carlson — Boston, MA

"NewsTrust is the best online way to stay infomed as a citizen — thanks for smoothing the path for being engaged, and knowing the truth."
R. Paul Herman — San Francisco, CA