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About NewsTrust

NewsTrust helps people find and share good journalism online.

Our nonprofit organization is committed to helping citizens make more informed decisions about their lives and governments. To that end, we offer an integrated online service, which includes a quality news filter, media literacy tools and a civic engagement network.

Our free website features a daily feed of quality news and opinions from mainstream and independent sources, based on ratings from our reviewers. We rate the news based on quality, not just popularity. Our web review tools enable our members to evaluate fairness, evidence, sourcing and other core journalistic principles.

NewsTrust's Executive Director is Fabrice Florin, a former journalist and a digital media pioneer at Apple and Macromedia. Our advisors include Dan Gillmor, Craig Newmark, Howard Rheingold and other digital media innovators from organizations like Google, the Poynter Institute and Stanford University.

Our partners include leading media organizations like USA Today, PBS, Huffington Post, Politifict, Link TV and the Washington Post — as well as journalism teachers and students in schools like Stanford University, Northeastern, Stony Brook, University of Nevada, San Francisco State University and the University of Santa Clara, to name but a few.

Our funders include the MacArthur Foundation, the Omidyar Network, Open Society Foundations, Ashoka, the Sunlight Foundation, the Mitch Kapor Foundation, the Ayrshire Foundation and the Tides Foundation, as well as Craig Newmark, Doug Carlston, Hap Perry, Terry Gamble and many other private donors.

Read more about NewsTrust on our About page.

Press Releases

Here are some of our recent press releases:

About our Founder

A former journalist and a digital media pioneer at Apple and Macromedia, Fabrice Florin founded NewsTrust to help citizens make informed decisions based on quality journalism. He now serves as Executive Director for NewsTrust.

Fabrice Florin has an extensive track record as a digital media entrepreneur. Some of Fabrice's notable accomplishments include:

  • founding leading-edge wireless content provider Handtap for mobile phones;
  • launching web entertainment site at Macromedia;
  • pioneering interactive multimedia content at Apple;
  • creating a new genre of video journalism for ABC and MTV.

Fabrice was recently elected an Ashoka Fellow for his work as social entrepreneur in journalim. For more info, check Fabrice's online bio.

Selected Quotes from Fabrice Florin

"The explosion of new media outlets on the web, along with the consolidation of big media and the decline of public trust, have created a range of problems for democracy: information overload, misinformation, mistrust and civic apathy. NewsTrust offers a practical solution to these problems, by providing the public with online tools to filter news reporting, evaluate information quality and share trusted content with other citizens."

"Increasingly, commercial news providers are giving their audience more of what they want to hear, rather what they need to know as citizens. Our best hope for reversing this trend is to help citizens develop an appreciation for quality journalism over 'opinion news' or populist infotainment. Social news sites like have a unique opportunity to guide this process, by providing the media literacy tools we need to make more informed decisions as citizens."

"The first generation of social news networks mostly measures content popularity, rather than its quality. But as the next generation of social news sites like NewsTrust integrate more reliable quality measurements and disciplined editorial processes, our collective news filters will become increasingly useful to the public. "

"NewsTrust can help re-build the trust that has been lost between the news media and the public. We hope to partner with traditional news providers to invite their readers to rate stories on their sites, using our state-of-the-art review tools. "


Here's what our advisors and members are saying about NewsTrust.

NewsTrust Advisors

"The guys from NewsTrust are building something new, tools that help people find trustworthy news. Their technology allows everyone to work together to rate and filter the news, and figure out what's fair and factual. ... I believe in what these guys are doing, and have contributed my time and money."
Craig Newmark — Craigslist

"The potential of this approach is terrific: community involvement in understanding how well journalists — including bloggers — do at their jobs (whether it's a professional or amateur activity or something in between). Clearly, this is an early iteration. But the promise is clear. Join up and help out."
Dan Gillmor — Arizona State University

"NewsTrust addresses in a nonpartisan way the dearth of thoughtful discourse in this country by presenting a model of 'citizen journalism' that can be easily accessed, utilized and scaled up by its participants in the way that Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have been. As a parent and a citizen of this country, I am longing for ways to educate our children and each other to discern fact from fiction, truth from 'truthiness'."
Terry Gamble — Ayrshire Foundation

"I believe strongly in NewsTrust because citizen involvement in returning public trust to journalism is so important to the future of democracy."
Howard Rheingold — Stanford University

"There are lots of smart individuals in the world but none as smart, experienced or insightful as all of us together. NewsTrust provides a tool for applying the wisdom of the crowd of news consumers to the news-gathering and communication process."
Mark Tapscott — Washington Examiner

" allows the public to rate the reliability and quality of news sources. This will gradually be seen as a vital service."
Bill Densmore — Media Giraffe

"At a time when corporate profit demands are increasing the commercial bias of mainstream news — more of what people can be seduced to want and less of what they need — and when most news on the Web is produced by neojournalists of uncertain competence, News Trust is an invaluable guide to quality."
John McManus — University of San Jose

"NewsTrust provides new ways for journalists to see what people are saying about their work. It lets users review content for journalistic value."
Ellyn Angelotti — The Poynter Institute

NewsTrust Partners

"I was thrilled with the results of 'news hunt' that we co-sponsored with NewsTrust. I was particularly impressed with the ability of the NewsTrust community to filter out the noise of the 24-hour news cycle and to identify good work where it existed. NewsTrust is truly an important innovation in the Web 2.0 world."
Mike Moran — Executive Editor, Council on Foreign Relations (

"It's hard to think of another site quite like NewsTrust ... The fact that they are a non-profit whose only agenda is gathering quality news is probably the secret to their success — in terms of integrity and objectivity, I can't think of a source I'd trust more."
Christopher Mims — Scientific American

NewsTrust Members

"NewsTrust lets me make my own personal contribution to the Fourth Estate, not by writing more news but by helping to find the gems already out there. None of us has the time to consume more than a fraction of 'all the news that is news.' But with NewsTrust we can help ourselves and each other find good journalism."
Mike LaBonte — Haverhill, MA

"NewsTrust is an excellent tool for finding reliable sources and sharpening my own analytical skills. The review process helps me evaluate content and quality more effectively, see beyond my own opinions, and become better informed about vital issues."
Marsha Iverson — Seattle, WA

"Never before has it been so convenient for people to simply go to the news sources that tell them what they want to hear. I am hoping my involvement with News Trust will in some small way help honest journalism win the day."
Kenneth Dale Penn — Miami, FL

"I love NewsTrust for its accessibility, diversity and its grass-root nature. I get to evaluate stories good and bad, and then hear what people with different background and experience think of the same stories. We may vehemently disagree with each other, but I learn a lot from what others think."
Lewyn Li — Boston, MA

"NewsTrust is one of the most useful ideas I've seen in a long time. The rating system is on-target and relevant, which makes it easy to find the stories that I'm interested in. And I always find pieces that I would have missed on other sites. Great idea, great implementation."
John Taylor — Moraga, CA

"NewsTrust is a truly engaging and useful site. I was able to understand and begin using the service almost immediately, thanks to the bookmarklet I put in my toolbar, allowing me to send any page I was viewing to NewsTrust for review."
Autumn Carlson — Boston, MA

"NewsTrust is the best online way to stay infomed as a citizen — thanks for smoothing the path for being engaged, and knowing the truth."
R. Paul Herman — San Francisco, CA

Press Quotes

Here's what journalists from mainstream and independent media are saying about NewsTrust.

Mainstream Sources

News literacy training for the public
"Experimental sites like hope to create ratings systems from authorities who evaluate news articles on a range of criteria, and are themselves rated by the raters. (...) Fabrice Florin, the founder of News Trust, said sites like his would be crucial to flagging inaccuracy. The only long-term hope, he said, was news literacy training for the public, one of New Trust's missions."
New York Times — Noam Cohen

Promoting well-researched journalism
"Fabrice Florin, executive director of California-based News Trust, said the Internet has led to such a "tsunami of information" that it has become increasingly difficult to sort out well-researched fact from foolishness. "We're dealing with a real issue in democracy," said Florin, whose non-profit group is dedicated to promoting well-researched journalism."
Chicago Tribune — Bob Secter

An intriguing experiment
"At NewsTrust, people post links to stories they recommend and then fill out a form to evaluate the story's reliability. These ratings don't just apply to a single story, but are assigned to the news organization (or individual) so that they create a reputation over time."
San Jose Mercury News — Chris O'Brien

From the Daily Me to the Daily We
"If the 'wisdom of the crowds' is to be brought to bear on the news, NewsTrust may point the way. ... Not only can users submit stories and rate them on a variety of criteria, such as importance, sourcing, and fairness, but there are also methods of rating the reliability of news organizations, and even of fellow users."
The Guardian — Dan Kennedy

News the Crowd Can Use
"NewsTrust's Fabrice Florin envisions a process in which established news publications and quality-based crowdsourcing/social news sites would partner more closely with each other, and leverage each other's expertise to further the public interest."
Wired News — Patrick Crawford

Policing the press
"NewsTrust aims to spotlight excellence. ... It hopes to support itself by offering media outlets its rating service, which would enable readers and viewers to rate stories based on criteria such as fairness, objectivity, factual evidence, clarity and relative importance."
The Baltimore Sun — Nick Madigan

Deeper than Digg
"The site is looking to judge news articles online by quality, rather than simple popularity, with a more finely grained evaluation of news stories than one gets from the gladiatorial thumbs-up, thumbs-down votes by which stories live and die on Digg. (...) NewsTrust, in essence, aims to counter the fascination of the inclusive crowd -- picture Britney Spears on a Linux-based iPod sold by Microsoft -- with the wisdom of the vetted crowd."
InformationWeek — Thomas Claburn

Web news opposites
"NewsTrust's more thoughtful approach can yield dramatically different top stories. On Tuesday, NewsTrust's users selected 'Top Ten Myths About Iraq 2006,' from a blog written by Juan Cole, president of the Global Americana Institute. Digg's top story was '50 Reasons -- why it's great to be a Guy!!' from a blog written by someone named Mike in Los Angeles. "
San Jose Mercury News — Elise Ackerman

It ain't easy knowing who you can trust
"The promise that the NewsTrust model presents is that wherever our news search and browsing takes us, we'll see aids that will help us determine the quality of an online news source and ratings of individual stories."
Editor & Publisher — Steve Outing

Citizens keep watch on the quality of journalism
"Rating with multiple criteria has a curious effect: at first, you're encouraged to read the article more carefully. And when it's time to rate the article, you feel an irresistible need to take a second look at certain sections, to make sure that your verdict will be correct. This invites a more attentive and critical review, making us better readers. And this is one of NewsTrust's central objectives."
Le Monde — Francis Pisani (translated from the French)

'Next generation' news site
"By building up an archive of ratings and recommendations over time, NewsTrust will provide an increasingly comprehensive database of credibility for individual publications and even individual journalists."
The Guardian — Jemima Kiss

Independent Sources

Upholding the sturdy old virtues
"One of interesting things about the NewsTrust initiative is that is has both emergent and conservative ideas built into it. The news judgment of newsroom priests is dethroned. The people formerly known as the audience take over the 'gate,' as it were. But the virtues upheld--accuracy, fairness, evidence, proportion, decency, respect for our intelligence--are the old sturdy ones."
PressThink — Jay Rosen

A fascinating experiment
" is one of those eye-opening experiments with social networking that leaves an old newspaper guy shaking his head in awe... To fully appreciate NewsTrust you need to knock around the site. Simply put, this entry into crowd sourcing tries to measure quality of journalism and not the sheer popularity of stories. ... Educationally, the sites offers some exciting possibilities."
Walter Cronkhite School of Journalism — Tim McGuire

A quest to bring quality news to the public
"Instead of trafficking in snarky commentary, NewsTrust ranks its stories based on quality. A pop-up window appears next to articles and asks users whether multiple points of view are presented, numerous sources are used rather than only a few, and if the author is editorializing or providing an honest assessment of information."
Marin Independent Journal — Tad Whitaker

Identifying quality journalism
"NewsTrust seeks to identify articles that follow sound journalistic principles and are particularly well done. Approaching its second birthday, the project has built a body of material and participants."
Poynter Online — Rick Edmunds

A much-needed effort
"[NewsTrust] is much-needed in our new, loose, distributed media world: They want to answer the question, Whom do we trust? Ratings, reputation, and trust are critically important elements in an open medium where all can and do publish. ... As more people use NewsTrust, its worldview is likely to widen ... lots of you should go to NewsTrust and start rating stories and sources; the more the better."
BuzzMachine — Jeff Jarvis

NewsTrust goes way beyond sites like Digg
"NewsTrust is an experiment in rating and ranking journalism that goes way beyond sites like Digg or Slashdot. ... give it a try."
Instapundit — Glenn Reynolds

A tale of two social newsfilter sites
"This San Jose Mercury News story compares the well-known and for-profit Digg with the lesser-known and probably far more important not-for-profit NewsTrust."
Boing Boing — Xeni Jardin

NewsTrust is cool
"It is cool because it will help me find things I might not otherwise find. It is cool because it might help improve the quality of journalism. It is cool because it is a worthwhile application of the power of social media, not a silly application thereof."
Philanthropy 2173 — Lucy Bernholz

A new twist: voting for news you trust
"While Digg prides itself on letting users remain anonymous, NewsTrust requires a full name to register, keeping their reviewers accountable. That feature alone may prevent special interest groups from creating a dominant presence on the site." — David Cohn

Readers as editors
"Fascinating project, where readers become involved in the editorial process by rating and commenting on news stories. (Motto: Your guide to good journalism.)"
Social Media Group — JD Lasica

The Wikipedia of Social News Sites
"Unlike Digg, Reddit, Netscape and other services which base the popularity of online news in a single vote, NewsTrust's rating system is based on 10 voting criteria. ... And yes, NewsTrust is a non-profit venture, which kind of fortifies it as a form of Wikipedia of Social News Sites."
Search Engine Journal — Loren Baker

Which News Can You Trust Online?
"NewsTrust is an intriguing online news rating service intended to help people identify quality journalism."
Poynter Online — Amy Gahran

Social ratings for quality journalism
" strives to help newshounds find quality journalism. (...) Considering its quest for quality and the following it has already gathered even before its launch, NewsTrust will be a social news site to watch."
Editors Weblog — John Burke

Journalism 2.0
"NewsTrust has taken the idea of social networks and applied it to journalism. ... It is one of the most exciting developments I've come across in a while — it really does have transformational possibilities."
A Fine Blog — Allison Fine

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